Review score guide

Here at Gaming on PC we believe in openness, which is why we have decided to share our scoring policy with you, our dear readers.

We rate games on a 10 point scale, with 10 being the maximum, and 1 being the lowest. Depending on the game, you may see the appearance of decimal scoring (.5 increments)

In order for a game to be rated at the lowest point of our scale, it must be not just bad, but also broken. Technical issues will detract from a game’s rating if the reviewer feels that they can’t be fixed in time for the players to be able to enjoy the game as they should.

Please take into account that we don’t start our scores at 7, as most publications do nowadays. In our scale, a 7 is a good game, for example.

Without further ado, here’s our review scale:


10/10Excellent. A game that is exceptional in many levels. Doesn’t mean it’s perfect, but it’s as close as you can get.

9/10Great. Games that manage to rise above the norm but have small issues that prevent them from reaching excellence.

8/10Very good. Games that can be recommended to everyone, may have some small issues, but nothing that prevents them from being enjoyed by a wide audience.

7/10Good. Games that aren’t specially innovative or perfectly polished, but can still be enjoyed by fans of their genre.

6/10Fair. Games that don’t do anything new, but are still playable and players won’t feel like they wasted their time with them.

5/10Average. Games that are neither good nor bad. May provide some enjoyment to the right person, in the right moment, but won’t be remembered for long.

4/10Below average. Games that have glaring issues that manifest at some point. Probably won’t be enjoyed by most people, but they may have an audience.

3/10Poor. Games that have too many issues to be enjoyed by most gamers. May be interesting as a source of unintended laughter, but should probably be left in the bin.

2/10Bad. Games that are outright bad, and have no redeeming features. Not fun, and not recommended for anyone.

1/10Bad AND broken. Games that have extreme technical issues that prevent them from being playable. They are usually bad as well.