DUSK Preview

DUSK’s Pre-Alpha build feels like the quintessential retro shooter, leaving behind modern crutches in favor of tight gameplay and amazing level design.

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Space Pirates And Zombies 2 Preview

Space Pirates and Zombies 2 is a game tailor made for space sandbox enthusiasts. Every run feels different and the AI captains act like human opponents. Gamers looking for a good space RPG should definitely consider picking up this one.

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Battlerite Preview

Battlerite feels like the perfect game for people interested in fast paced competitive combat. Developers Stunlock Studios have managed to successfully implement the fun parts of MOBA games while leaving out the mechanics that slow down the pace of the action.

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Ghost of a Tale Preview

Ghost of a Tale’s Early Access build feels like a teaser for an incredible adventure, and if the full release can deliver the same level of quality and polish, adventure game fans will be in for a treat in 2017.

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Road to Ballhalla preview

General game information

Game name: Road to Ballhalla

Release date: August 5th 2016

Price: $14.99 (20% less if purchased before August 5, bringing the price down to $11.99)

Available on: Steam

Genre: Rhytm driven ball puzzler

Developer: Torched Hill

Publisher: tinyBuild

We Happy Few Early Access preview

General game information

Game name: We Happy Few

Release date: 26 Jul, 2016 (Early Access)

Price: $29.99

Available on: Steam, Humble Store GoG.com

Genre: Procedurally generated narrative action survival game

Developer: Compulsion Games