Northgard Early Access release

Northgard Preview

With a singleplayer campaign in the works and dozens of hours of quality content already available, Northgard’s future looks very promising.

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Iron Tides Preview

Featuring an entertaining mix of exploration, resource management and turn-based combat, Iron Tides is Early Access done right.

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Battlecrew Space Pirates preview

BATTLECREW Space Pirates Preview

BATTLECREW Space Pirates is a fun multiplayer offering, although it currently feels a bit light content wise. It’s definitely a step above most multiplayer Early Access titles, but Dontnod Eleven will need to work hard in order to keep it relevant in the crowded Steam ecosystem.

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Pit People Preview header

Pit People Preview

Pit People’s charming characters, polished gameplay and complex yet easy to learn mechanics turn it into an instant winner. Both strategy veterans and newcomers to the genre will find something to like here, and if The Behemoth can deliver a longer story campaign with the same level of quality as the small snippet featured in the Early Access build, the finished product may be their best title yet.

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Days of War Preview

Days of War feels like a worthy contender for the WW2 multiplayer FPS crown. Driven Arts’ debut title fills a spot that has been empty for far too long, and if the developers can implement the features outlined in their roadmap while the community is still alive and kicking, they may have the next big shooter on their hands.

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DUSK Preview

DUSK’s Pre-Alpha build feels like the quintessential retro shooter, leaving behind modern crutches in favor of tight gameplay and amazing level design.

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Space Pirates And Zombies 2 Preview

Space Pirates and Zombies 2 is a game tailor made for space sandbox enthusiasts. Every run feels different and the AI captains act like human opponents. Gamers looking for a good space RPG should definitely consider picking up this one.

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Battlerite Preview

Battlerite feels like the perfect game for people interested in fast paced competitive combat. Developers Stunlock Studios have managed to successfully implement the fun parts of MOBA games while leaving out the mechanics that slow down the pace of the action.

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Ghost of a Tale Preview

Ghost of a Tale’s Early Access build feels like a teaser for an incredible adventure, and if the full release can deliver the same level of quality and polish, adventure game fans will be in for a treat in 2017.

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