11 bit Studios announces twin stick shooter Tower 57

11 bit Studios, known for the most excellent This War of Mine, has announced today that they are publishing a new game developed by Pixwerk, called Tower 57.

Tower 57 is a co-op twin stick top down shooter set in a dystopian dieselpunk world where Megatowers are the only enclaves of civilization. Players will need to cooperate in order to succeed in their infiltration mission on the reclusive Tower 57.



Main Features

  • Fast-paced, responsive arcade gameplay
  • Highly destructible environments
  • Original pixel art―rich and vibrant levels awaiting to be explored
  • Seven characters with different skills and arsenals
  • Campaign designed for both single-player and co-op (local and online)
  • Absorbing, unique dieselpunk world

Tower 57 will open its gates in 2017 for players equipped with Xbox One, PS4, Windows, Mac, Linux, or Amiga! If you want a sneak peek of Tower 57‘s interior, you can play the game at Gamescom 2016 and PAX West 2016. Bring some buddies for even more explosive action!

Pre-order Tower 57 now at https://tower57.gamesrepublic.com/

For more information on Tower 57, visit the official website: www.tower57game.com

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