3D Platformer Poi Leaving Early Access on February 1st

PolyKid announced today that their excellent 3D platformer Poi will be fully released on February 1st, after being on Steam Early Access since November 2015. The game will be playable on English, French, Spanish, German, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese, and a new trailer will be posted soon. Right now, Poi costs US$ 14.99, but the Early Access FAQ states that the full release may cost more.

Poi is a 3D adventure platformer throwback to the 90’s era of classic platforming games.

You’ll explore large areas and smaller challenge levels in a search for explorer medallions. Getting those medallions won’t be easy though, as you’ll need to pull off classic 3D platforming feats in order to grab them. Run, jump, flip, bounce, balance, climb, slide, swim and more to collect them all for every level. Equip explorer tools, defeat enemies and meet new characters to unlock additional worlds to explore.

Pick between a rambunctious runaway boy or girl character as you embark on a challenging journey to uncover the many secrets scattered across the world of Poi.

Key Features

  • Adventure: Explore new worlds and the skies of Poi in search of 50+ Explorer Medallions.
  • Challenge: Set the fastest times in online leaderboards across several challenge levels.
  • Mastery: Learn to pull off wall jumps, triple jumps, rolling long jumps and more.
  • Original Soundtrack: Listen to original compositions from composer Lyndon Holland.
  • Controller Support: Plug & play support for dozens of USB controllers, including the Steam controller (keyboard/mouse supported, too).

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