3D Realms Releases New Build Engine Shooter Ion Maiden on Early Access

I never thought I’d be writing these words, but the resurrected 3D Realms has partnered up with Voidpoint to release a new Build Engine powered shooter titled Ion Maiden on Steam’s Early Access program.

Set in the Bombshell universe (another nu-3D Realms game released in 2016), Ion Maiden‘s Early Access build costs US$19.99 and it includes a standalone preview campaign that will give players a taste of the things to come once the full release launches in six months. The developers have promised to update the game frequently, introducing new content and features that wouldn’t have been possible in older Build titles.

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The full Ion Maiden experience will include the following features:

  • The true successor to classic shooters such as Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior and Blood.
  • Built using the original “Build” engine, with additional enhancements to further improve the technology.
  • Beautiful hand-crafted artwork, built using original old-school tools and methodologies.
  • 7 exciting Zones, each spanning multiple maps.
  • Tons of enemies, weapons and carnage!
  • Best of both worlds! ION MAIDEN brings back the classic ’90s FPS action you love, with modern additions such as physics and checkpoints.
  • Classic level design, no procedural generation! Expect multiple paths, cool effects, and complex set pieces!
  • True tracked module music!
  • Incredible weapons with alternate firemodes!
  • Easy access to development tools and modding (Steam Workshop) on day one!
  • … And about Multiplayer… Stay tuned!

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