3D Realms Reveals Quake 1 Engine Shooter WRATH: Aeon of Ruin

Good news, FPS lovers! Not content with creating a new Build engine masterpiece with Ion Maiden, the lovable madmen working at 3D Realms are doing it again, and this time, they’ve revived the venerable Quake engine for a new shooter titled WRATH: Aeon of Ruin.

Developed in partnership with KillPixel Games, WRATH is a return to the glory days of the dark fantasy shooters of yesteryear (similar to Amid Evil, but with far more guns in it, according to the trailer we shared above). Some unknown cataclysm has destroyed the Old World, leaving ruins haunted by nightmarish creatures hell-bent on destroying the Outlander, a mysterious figure tasked with the difficult mission of hunting down what’s left of the Guardians of the Old World.

As the Outlander, our quest will see us traveling to all sorts of places as we grow our arsenal in hopes of being strong enough when the time comes to face the Guardians. Speaking of weaponry, while the reveal trailer showcases seemingly common tools of destruction such as a double barreled shotgun or a revolver, all of the weapons at our disposal will feature alternate fire abilities that can turn the tide of the battle in our favor (and some guns can even re-purpose materials taken from enemy corpses as ammunition).

According to the developers, WRATH‘s maps will inspire exploration-heavy non-linear gameplay, with a hub world at the center, surrounded by five other areas (further subdivided into a total of 15 interconnected levels). Secrets will be there for the inquisitive minds to find, and hidden keys shall grant access to previously locked areas, as the Book of FPS Knowledge demands. An interesting saving system made up of Soul Tethers that allow saving anywhere, but exist as a finite item ensures that we’ll have to think before we save.

Oh, and before we go, can you guess who’s one of the guys behind the game’s soundtrack? If you guessed Andrew Hulshult (of DUSK fame), you would be one hundred percent correct, as he’s working with Bjørn Jacobsen (Cyberpunk 2077 Senior Audio Engineer) to create a suitable heavy metal atmosphere for WRATH.

WRATH: Aeon of Ruin is coming to PC in Summer 2019, with console releases set for 2020.

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