A Story of the End – Revere Coming to Kickstarter on March 30

JRPG fans looking for an innovative experience may want to check out A Story of the End – Revere once the Kickstarter campaign to fund this hybrid real-time/turn based title launches on March 30th. Developed by a small indie team named Strashiner StudiosA Story of the End – Revere lets players follow protagonist Troy as he embarks on a quest for redemption, trying to save the place he once called home.

Aside from the innovative hybrid combat system, A Story of the End will also feature visual novel elements and multiple endings that reflect the player’s choices. Advanced customization mechanics are also in place, letting gamers tweak combat, weapons and characters at will, in order to create a personal experience.

A playable demo is available on the game’s Kickstarter page, and once the campaign goes live, backers will be able to secure a full game copy for just US$ 7 (limited tier, includes a keychain, wallpapers for both mobile and desktop, and the backer’s name in the credits) JRPG enthusiasts who wish to be among the first to support this campaign can opt to sign up for notifications at the top left corner of the Kickstarter page.

Game features:

  • A Hybrid Battle System: Transition between regular turn-based to real-time battle. This is not only part of the battle system, but also crucial to the plot.
  • Story-Driven Quests: Experience a myriad of quests in the game that tells stories of their own.
  • Adjustable Encounter Rates: Increase or decrease enemy encounters at any point in the game.
  • Upgrading Weapons: Find materials to upgrade your weapons to their maximum potential. Resources are scarce so use them wisely!
  • Crafting System: Make potions that buff your stats with materials and modify already existing items

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