Age of Decadence devs announce new game Dungeon Rats

Iron Tower Studio, developers of the highly acclaimed turn based RPG The Age of Decadence (which is on sale for 50% off right now) have announced that they are working on a new game called Dungeon Rats.

Iron Tower Studio‘s new title is a turn based, party based dungeon crawler set in the same world as The Age of Decadence, but focused almost entirely on tactical combat. Gamers who enjoyed The Age of Decadence‘s punishing combat will find a lot to love here.

The development team has been kind enough to share some screenshots from their upcoming game, as well as a list of features.

Starting out as a new prisoner at the bottom of the gangs-ruled prison hierarchy, and of the prison itself, you must fight to survive and develop your combat skills, acquiring better weapons and equipment as you go. Recruit allies to your struggle or carry on as a lone wolf, and kill anyone foolish enough to stand in your way.

Notable changes from The Age of Decadence:

  • Party-based – the most frequently requested feature
  • Flanking and other strategic bonuses. Positioning matters a lot.
  • Manual placement of your characters before a fight
  • Charisma determines the number and quality of your party members
  • Skill points are split between the party members: more people means fewer skills points per person and slower level ups.
  • 10 possible companions, not all of them human (maximum party size is 4).
  • New weapons, armor, and creatures
  • 3 difficulty levels: Nice Guy, Tough Bastard, Murderous Psychopath

No firm release date has been given, but the studio says that they are entering the final stages of development.

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