Amnesia: Rebirth Gets Exploration-Focused Adventure Mode

If you are like me and can’t stomach horror games where there’s no option of fighting back against the monsters, then you might be happy to learn that Amnesia: Rebirth can now be played as a more exploration-focused experience thanks to the just released Adventure Mode update that removes life-threatening monster encounters (if you prefer the horror experience, the original way of playing the game is still available, and this update merely adds another option, without replacing previous content).

Should this news pique your interest, the game is currently 40% off on Steam until April 13th, so it’s definitely a great time to pick it up.

Here’s a summary of the features that comes with the new Adventure Mode:

  • Monsters still exist in the game but they won’t attack you anymore.
  • Locations that contained pitch black darkness have been brightened up a lot, making environments possible to explore at one’s own pace, allowing for easier navigation and removes some of the oppressive atmosphere.
  • No active fear mechanic, meaning that you don’t have to worry about taking fear from being in darker areas or near monsters.
  • A few bonus puzzles.

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