Anew: The Distant Light Coming to PC This Year

Resonator Interactive revealed this week that Anew: The Distant Light will hit PC in 2021, with console versions arriving at a later date.

If you haven’t kept up with Anew, it’s a gorgeous single player open world metroidvania that was successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter back in 2017. Kickstarter backers who donated at the US$49 tier or more will be able to participate in a closed Beta in the following weeks, so if you happen to be in that group be sure to check your email, as the developers might have already sent you a message about it.

We also got a beautiful new trailer to gaze upon, and I’ve shared it below.

Anew has been a dream project to work on. I’ve had the freedom to create an original sci-fi world from the ground up with an intensely personal visual style and emotional tone. We worked hard to ensure that each and every area of the game is unique, beautiful, and fun to explore and discover. I’m excited for players to experience the surreal story of Anew, which is communicated through visual storytelling techniques, music, and sound design during live gameplay, rather than the traditional use of dialogue and text. I think players are really going to enjoy our immersive game world.

Resonator co-founder and art director Jeff Spoonhower.

Since the original Metroid and Super Metroid, I’ve been thinking about making a game like this. Moody pathfinder games with deep mechanics often inspire me–Hollow Knight, Spelunky, Batman: Arkham… I prefer not to have inventory management chores or worry about item stats for this kind of game. So, we’re much more Metroid than Castlevania [referring to metroidvania genre] — every single piece of equipment is a unique game-changer… I’ve always wanted to create a game like Anew: The Distant Light and Resonator was formed specifically to make this game. We’ve kept it indie and kept the team small to make the game how we wanted.

Resonator co-founder and game director Steve Copeland.

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