Anew: The Distant Light Devs Share New Video Content

Resonator‘s Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming open world metroidvania Anew: The Distant Light is in the final stretch, and the development team has been hard at work, sharing gameplay videos and giving us a look at things that happen behind the scenes. With just nine days to go until the campaign ends, backers have already pledged US$ 25,000 of the US$ 30,000 that the developers need in order to make the game a reality, and they have also helped push Anew over the Greenlight ridge in record time.

The game will also be released on Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4 but the developers intend to launch it on PC first, and then port it to the above mentioned consoles.


Combat video

Looks like combat won’t be a slow affair, as this latest video shows that Anew’s protagonist can slide, jump and jetpack all over the place in order to gain a tactical advantage over his enemies. The big robot vehicle will definitely be a favorite of mine.

Opening cinematic

The game’s opening cinematic is completely devoid of words, telling its story through motion and music.

Behind the scenes video – character modeling

This behind the scenes video will be of special interest to those interested in the art of 3D modelling.Resonator‘s art director Jeff Spoonhower walks us through the process of modelling a character with Autodesk Maya.

Behind the scenes video – music design process

In this video, Resonator‘s art director Jeff Spoonhower interviews the game’s composer, Wilbert Roget II.

Game design enthusiasts won’t be left behind either, as it seems that Resonator are dedicated to being the most open developers to ever take to Kickstarter. Steve Copeland, Anew‘s game director, has been sharing very interesting articles on Gamasutra, detailing the way that the title’s fluid and responsive gunplay works, and his own unique approach to the problem of designing deep gameplay for an open world metroidvania.

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