Anno 1800 Sets Sail in February 2019

What’s going on with the Anno series? Since the first title, the following games have been jumping up and down the timeline, and right now we have one of the biggest jumps ever with Anno 1800 following Anno 2205. Do the people in charge at Blue Byte know how time works? Are they time travelers from the future? Am I going mad?

I don’t have the answers to any of these questions, sadly, but I do know that the good folks over at Blue Byte have just revealed that Anno 1800 will be released on February 26, 2019.

According to the exceptional men and women in charge of Anno 1800‘s PR push, the game will let us lead the Industrial Revolution, as it thrusts the player into a new age, the dawn of the 19th Century, full of technological innovation, conspiracies, revolution (and not always of the industrial kind) and of course, good old political backstabbing. In true city builder fashion we’ll be watching over the future of a metropolis, trying to make it grow over the years, settling new lands and occasionally engaging in tussles over territory that other leaders have decided to take.

One thought on “Anno 1800 Sets Sail in February 2019

  1. Super Artikle, freue mich schon super auf das neue Anno, hatte bis jetzt jedes durchgespielt, auch wenn 2200 nicht so für mich war, hört sich Anno 1800 super an!

    Von mir aus, weiter so mit den Anno news Daniel ^^

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