Artifact 2.0 Has Been Cancelled, Artifact Classic Is Now Free

Valve announced today that they are stopping work on Artifact 2.0, and both that unfinished version (now named Artifact Foundry) and the original release (renamed to Artifact Classic) are now free.

The team had been working on the Artifact 2.0 rework for more than a year, but the playerbase never went up to sustainable levels, so Valve decided to pull the plug. With the news of Anthem Next‘s cancellation last week, that’s two live service titles that have been terminated in the first three months of 2021.

Artifact, the Dota 2 card game, shipped in November of 2018. Despite good initial sales, our player count fell off pretty dramatically. This warranted a shift from the service/update development model we’d planned to a full reevaluation of the game’s mechanics and economy.

It’s now been about a year and a half since the current Artifact team began work on a reboot in earnest. While we’re reasonably satisfied we accomplished most of our game-side goals, we haven’t managed to get the active player numbers to a level that justifies further development at this time. As such, we’ve made the tough decision to stop development on the Artifact 2.0 Beta.

However, we recognize that both versions of Artifact still have players and still have value to the community. For this reason, we’re opening both games up to make them available for free to everyone. Final releases of both Artifact Classic and Artifact 2.0 Beta (renamed Artifact Foundry) are now available. Technically Artifact Foundry remains an unfinished product, but most of what’s missing is polish and art – the core gameplay is all there. While both games will remain playable, we don’t plan to ship any further gameplay updates.

Here’s an overview of our final changes to Artifact Classic:

* The game is free for everyone to play.

* All players get every card for free. You will no longer be able to buy card packs.

* Paid players’ existing cards have been converted into special Collector’s Edition versions, which will remain marketable. Marketplace integration has been removed from the game.

* Paid event tickets have been removed.

* Customers who paid for the game will still earn packs of Collector’s Edition cards for playing; players who got the game for free will not.

The final release of Artifact Foundry looks like this:

* The game is free for everyone to play.

* Players gain access to cards by playing the game. All cards are earned this way; no cards or packs will be for sale and Artifact Foundry cards are not be marketable.

* All final card art that was in the pipeline is now in the game.

(In short, when we say “free”, we really mean “free.”)

For a detailed explanation of how Artifact Foundry differs from the Artifact Classic, see this page.

We’re grateful to all Artifact players, and particularly to those who were able to help us tune and refine what would become Artifact Foundry. The team feels this is the approach that best serves the community. We’re proud of the work we’ve done on both games and excited about delivering them to a much larger audience of gamers.

To install and play now, head over to the store page.


The Artifact Team

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