ASCII Inspired Action Roguelike Brut@l out Now

Brut@l, an ASCII inspired action roguelike that was originally released on PS4 last year, is now out on Steam. Gamers interested in checking out the dungeon crawling action title may want to take advantage of the 20% off launch discount that lasts until February 16th.

A procedurally-generated co-operative and single-player dungeoneering thrill ride, Brut@l fuses old-school gaming with a stunning 3D visual style to create an experience that is inspired by the earliest of videogame adventures, yet feels uniquely fresh and exciting.

Playing solo or with a fellow adventurer in local two-player co-op, choose your Brut@l hero – Ranger, Mage, Warrior or Amazon – then descend into a procedurally-generated world constructed entirely of ASCII. Your goal? Reach the 26th floor and vanquish the fearsome Guardian of the Dungeon awaiting there!

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