ATOM RPG Trudograd Is Now Available on Linux/Mac

Developers AtomTeam have just updated ATOM RPG Trudograd with full Linux/Mac support, so even more gamers can experience their post-apocalyptic title.

The latest update also introduces a new merchant, and fixes and improves on a ton of other stuff (which I’ll share below).

  • Added Mac and Linux support;
  • Camera no longer gets into roof textures;
  • Import and creation screen UI improved;
  • AI behavior impoved;
  • Crash and freezing on game load fixed;
  • Weapon mods fixed;
  • New merchant random encounter;
  • Samuil Brothers quest can now be finished to the end;
  • New item icons;
  • Pathing issues fixed;
  • Behavior during panic fixed;
  • Added new animations;
  • Hand to hand moves no longer appear as inventory items;
  • Fixed some dialogue logic;
  • Fixed quest related bugs;
  • Characters now react to the hallucination state.

ATOM RPG Trudograd is available on Steam Early Access for US$10.99 or your regional equivalent. Ownership of the original ATOM RPG is not required, though as Trudograd is a sequel, it’s recommended to play the previous game first if you intend to follow the story.

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