Attrition mode confirmed in Titanfall 2


There has been a lot of speculation over whether or not the popular Attrition Mode from Titanfall would be making an appearance on the upcoming Titanfall 2. The time for speculation is now over, thanks to a Reddit post by Lowkeydbjosh from Respawn Entertainment. Rejoice Titanfall fans! Attrition has been officially confirmed as one of the playable modes in Titanfall 2!

Hi Reddit friends,

I write this post to you because I know a lot of you have seen my #BePatient comments and dislike it or find it to mean I’m trolling. I do it out of love (sometimes it’s borderline trolling lol) I rather you be angry than feel like we don’t see your complaints and begin to run with random stories lol. So I’m here to tell you that I’m ending my #BePatient campaign! Going forward I’m going to use #WeDidITReddit

P.S – Attrition is in Titanfall 2. #WeDidITReddit

Lowkeydbjosh out!

Attrition was a user favorite game mode in the first Titanfall, and it’s similar to team deathmatch, but including AI controlled characters (Grunts and Spectres) Killing both AI characters and human controlled enemies earns points for a team, and once the score limit has been reached, the winning team must kill all the opposing team’s players, or destroy their escape dropship.

Here’s some gameplay footage, courtesy of XFactor Gaming:

Respawn Entertainment has also updated the Titanfall 2 Blog with the game’s system requirements.

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