Aven Colony Beta out now

Mothership Entertainment‘s recently announced city building and management sim Aven Colony is now in the Beta phase, and interested gamers can purchase the title on itch.io.

Right now, Mothership Entertainment has priced Aven Colony‘s Beta at US$ 24.99, but their website states that the full game will be launched at a higher pricepoint in 2017, on both Steam and itch.io. Please note that buying the current beta will NOT grant access to Steam keys.

The developers have also outlined a list of things that aren’t part of the beta release:

  • We have 5 campaign missions available out of the 10 we expect to have when we launch in 2017.
  • We have 5 sandbox missions available out of the 10 we expect to have when we launch in 2017.
  • Plague spores aren’t in the game yet.
  • We’ll add more buildings during the beta.  We already have art almost finished for a lightning tower and a defensive turret but they aren’t in the game yet.
  • We’ll be improving performance further during the beta.

We’ll be tweaking and tuning almost everything during the beta, so this means we’ll be making particularly large changes to things like:

  • social policies
  • research formulas
  • user interface
  • the various colonist morale factors
  • mission setup and the various mission objectives
  • enhancers and the addiction / withdrawal game mechanic
  • how much buildings cost to build and what they do

A very helpful FAQ can be found here.

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