Azure Reflections Shooting Its Way to Steam on September 20

In a mood for some bullet hell goodness? If that’s the case then I’ve got great news for you, as developers Souvenir Circ. revealed today that Azure Reflections is coming to PC on September 20th. And if your bullet dodging skills are somewhat rusty (I know mine are) then I’ve got even beter news, as the game will include a Practice mode and a Tutorial mode that should get you up to speed in no time at all.

Fly through the vivid and unsettled world of Gensokyo, blasting away the evil minions pouring out of Scarlet Devil Manor. Take on the role of priestess Reimu, ice fairy Cirno or magician Marisa, each with her own set of special abilities, and dominate anime-style enemies and adorably deadly bosses.  Performance against bosses branches the story down different narrative paths and harder difficulties unlock the best ending.

Upgrade skills and buy stat-boosting accessories including marvelous moustaches, cute cat tails, and stylish headphones. Equip a plethora of items to customize the girls for any playstyle and to place higher in online leaderboards.

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