Battlefield in VR? Stand Out Devs Reveal War Dust

The first generation of VR games were confined to seated experiences or small space wave shooters, but it seems those dark-ish times are well behind us now, as more and more developers ready new titles that offer the same features as their 2D counterparts (with the added benefits of full immersion provided by modern VR headsets). Thinking along these lines, developers Raptor Lab (of Stand Out: VR Battle Royale fame) have just revealed a large scale multiplayer shooter akin to Battlefield, but in full VR, titled War Dust.

I must admit that a Battlefield-style game wasn’t in my mind when I first started thinking about great concepts that would make total sense in VR, but looking at the gameplay trailer I shared above, everything just clicks. According to War Dust‘s Steam store page, we’ll get to play the same kind of large scale engagements as in Battlefield, so 64 players and plenty of vehicles will populate the maps once the game goes live.

On the vehicle front, the developers have promised both ground combat and aerial fighting, so we’ll see tanks rolling around in the dirt, and helicopters and planes duking it out in the skies. Smaller units like quadbikes also make an appearance in the trailer, so transportation won’t be limited to armor and air support.

The somewhat short (but surprisingly informative) gameplay video also showcases capture points that must be captured or defended (just like in Battlefield) and gesture-based communication (a must-have for VR shooters).

We don’t have a release date for War Dust, but Alpha signups will open in the near future, so interested parties should join Raptor Lab‘s Discord channel for more information.

3 thoughts on “Battlefield in VR? Stand Out Devs Reveal War Dust

  1. Yes! This was the expected direction with VR Games. They started with visual tour games, mini game types and simulators. VR Game got a bit of a boom later with Horror Survival games. But with Bethesda making games like Fallout and Doom in VR, it kinda foreshadowed the coming of VR FPS games.

    • Indeed, this is the logical evolution for VR gaming. There are a few more upcoming large scale multiplayer shooters, though so far War Dust is the first one I’ve seen that supports 64 player matches. Hopefully they’ll be able to nail it (I’ve played the early Alpha build and it’s already eminently playable, though it of course needs polish).

      • Even if it isn’t the best VR game, it will most likely serve as a stepping stone in the right direction. Definitely merits giving it a try.

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