Battlefield Insiders can select preferred Battlefield 1 Beta platform now

As Battlefield fans may already know, Electronic Arts has a program named Battlefield Insiders, designed to promote their upcoming Battlefield games to fans of the franchise.

Earlier today, an email went out, asking members of the program to select a preferred system for their Battlefield 1 Open Beta Early Access codes.

You’re a Battlefield Insider, which means you get in-game rewards, exclusive content, and a sneak peek at news about Battlefield (plus news about other EA games, services, and events). And, of course, you get early access to the Battlefield™ 1 public beta. But before you’re able to play, we need to know your preferred platform – this is the platform we’re going to be emailing you a code for.

Battlefield fans apply here

We haven’t been able to secure access to the Battlefield 1 closed alpha, but we’ll be bringing you PC footage from the Beta as soon as it’s up.

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