Battlerite Getting Two New Champions This Friday

Stunlock StudiosBattlerite has taken the Steam ecosystem by storm, proving that when Early Access is done right, it’s a wonderful thing. In order to celebrate Halloween (and the first month since the game’s Early Access launch) the developers have decided to release two new champions and some extra delicious treats, such as an unranked mode and a new map.

Ruh Kaan

Ruh Kaan, The Crypt Warden, was awoken from his deep slumber when a grave robber disturbed the sacred crypts of Ark’dun. Pursuing the trespasser led him to the Arenas, where he still tracks his quarry. A wielder of dark powers, Ruh Kaan consumes the souls of those who stand in his way.


Jumong, The Beast Hunter, is a trophy collector who wandered the wildlands in pursuit of a worthy challenge. No longer content with hunting the great beasts of this world, Jumong looks to the arena for a new type of prey. He traps his foes and brings them to their death with the accuracy of his mighty bow.

The update drops this Friday, October 21st at 14:00 CEST, and it will also bring a new map, new cosmetic items exclusive to the Halloween season (including a special chest) and the ability to play unranked matches. The developer also promises many balance adjustements and a host of bug fixes.

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