Blizzard details Competitive Season 1 rewards for Overwatch

Overwatch‘s first Competitive Season will end in August 17 and, until now, we knew that participants would get rewarded with sprays and competitive points, but we didn’t know how many they would get.

Blizzard has published a forum thread detailing the rewards that players will get, which depend on the maximum Skill Rating that players have achieved during Season 1.

The forum post also offers a tentative start date for the second Competitive Season. If everything goes according to plan, it should begin on September 6, though the Blizzard Community Manager that shared this information says that it’s not a date set in stone.

Blizzard’s words:



If you completed your placement matches during Season 1, you will eligible to receive a special spray and player icon. These will be unlocked automatically when you log into your account the first time after the season ends. If at any point during the season you managed to break into the Top 500 players on your platform (and in your region), you’ll receive an extra player icon and animated spray on top of the other seasonal rewards.

Aside from sprays and icons, you’ll also receive a number of Competitive Points based on the maximum skill rating you achieved during the season.

Here’s the Skill Rating (SR) to Competitive Point (CP) breakdown for Season 1:

  • SR 0-39: 10 CPs
  • SR 40-45: 20 CPs
  • SR 46-49: 40 CPs
  • SR 50-52: 60 CPs
  • SR 53-55: 80 CPs
  • SR 56-59: 120 CPs
  • SR 60-64: 200 CPs
  • SR 65+: 300 CPs

Source: Blizzard Community Manager forum post

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