BloodRayne: Terminal Cut Revealed, Out This Month

Ziggurat Interactive revealed today that BloodRayne 1 and 2 will receive enhanced editions on November 20th, free for owners of the originals.

Titled BloodRayne: Terminal Cut and BloodRayne 2: Terminal Cut (as an homage to the original developers, Terminal Reality), these enhanced re-releases will be available on Steam and GOG, and feature a number of improvements that I’ll detail in the next paragraph.

Features and enhancements of the Terminal Cut edition, created by the game’s original development team:

  • Support for higher display resolutions (up to 4K / 3840×2160).
  • Upscaled cinematic videos
  • Support for modern gamepads (XInput)
  • Improved rendering with up to 4x anti-aliasing
  • Support for higher texture resolutions allowing for use of original, uncompressed textures
  • Improvements to effects such as reflections, water, fog, and shadows


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