Boss Key Productions Reveals Free Battle Royale Shooter Radical Heights

UPDATE: Boss Key removed the 10% cash boost from the Founder’s Pack, replacing it with gems that can be used to purchase cosmetic items with zero effect on gameplay.


LawBreakers developers Boss Key Productions have just revealed a new free to play Battle Royale shooter titled Radical Heights, to be released on Steam Early Access tomorrow, April 10th.

While the Battle Royale scene is currently dominated by heavyweights Fortnite and PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, there’s always room for more takes on a popular genre, as past experiences have proven. According to the reveal trailer we shared above, Boss Key is aiming for a middle ground between Fortnite and PUBG, as Radical Heights features a bright yet semi-realistic art style, vehicles (in the form of BMX bikes), explosive weaponry, and the irreverence the company is known for. Set in an 80’s inspired future game show, Radical Heights swaps most drops for cash bundles that can be deposited at an ATM and then used to purchase high powered weaponry from gun shops. Interestingly, money saved to the bank can be saved for later matches (or spent in cosmetics). Airdrops have also been replaced by a “spin to win” machine (to keep in line with the game show theme), and players should be able to queue for matches solo or with a friend.

Hopefully this new contender in the Battle Royale space will be able to find an audience, instead of following the fate of Boss Key‘s previous PC release, LawBreakers, which failed to impress the Steam community and lost the majority of its playerbase in just a few months, despite being well received by critics worldwide.

Players who enjoy Radical Heights will have the option to spend US$15 on a Founder’s Pack which offers cosmetic rewards, plus a permanent 10% cash boost which may raise some controversy upon release, since it could be seen as a form of pay to win.

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