Bright Memory 1.0 Launches Today, Infinite Scheduled for Q4 2020

PLAYISM revealed today that FYQD Studio‘s Bright Memory will leave Early Access today, as the 1.0 patch for the game hits Steam and GOG.

Players who purchased Bright Memory in Early Access will also be granted access to Bright Memory: Infinite, an expanded edition that should launch in Q4 2020. If you want to see some gameplay of this new title, I’ve embedded a gorgeous ultrawide trailer below.

Bright Memory‘s 1.0 update adds a new skin for our playable protagonist, and five new subtitle languages: German, French, Russian, Latin American Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese.

The input of players who have supported Bright Memory in early access has been invaluable in finding the right balance of myth and sci-fi as well as gameplay mechanics. This update may be the last for this version of Bright Memory, but that just means I can pour all my efforts into the development of Bright Memory: Infinite to maximize the impact of its fast-paced combat and gorgeous ray-tracing.
Xiancheng Zeng, sole developer, FYQD Studio.

Bright Memory costs US$9.99 or your regional equivalent, and it’s available on Steam and GOG.

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