Catherine Classic Available Now on Steam

Sega Europe dropped a bombshell today, as they have just released Catherine Classic for PC via Steam.

The acclaimed puzzle game costs US$19.99, and it includes some PC-specific enhancements, such as 4K resolutions, unlocked framerate (though Steam users have reported that this feature isn’t working as intended currently), fully customizable keyboard and mouse controls, and optional Japanese voice overs. Players who purchase Catherine Classic in the first two weeks following its release will also receive the Digital Deluxe content for free (including some wallpapers, avatars and soundtrack samples).
As expected, this re-release lets us enjoy the complete singleplayer campaign, with optional local co-op and versus modes available as well if we desire to share our adventure with a friend.
While it might seem strange that this Classic edition hits PC on the same year as the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita are scheduled to get an updated Full Body release, I think that Sega Europe wanted to make good in their earlier promises of better PC support, so they decided that waiting for the Western edition of Full Body to be available wasn’t the best course of action. After all, if this port does well, there’s a pretty high chance that Full Body will follow, and if that happens, who’s to say that other acclaimed Atlus classics won’t make the jump?

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