Children of Morta Expands With Free Content

One of last year’s best indie hits just got bigger, as developers Dead Mage have just added a ton of free content to Children of Morta with the Shrine of Challenge update, which includes a new difficulty mode for hardcore players, twenty new items, new items, a revamped UI, and a ton of balance changes.

Here’s the changelog for this update, courtesy of a Steam post made by the developers:


  • Fixed – Area 30 Boss may become invulnerable preventing the Player from completing the dungeon.
  • Fixed – Claw can go through the corrupted wall and block further progression during the tutorial.
  • Fixed – Terralava: Player can get blocked in Waves room because of Shaman and/or Gelly enemy.
  • Fixed – Souvenirs from other save are immediately unlocked in the new save.
  • Fixed – Infinite loading occurs if killing the Boss at the same moment as it kills the Player.
  • Fixed – Slime enemies may divide beyond the wall.
  • Fixed – Picked up consumable may disappear when the Player picks up a new one.
  • Fixed – Gold chest may not drop loot.
  • Fixed – Killstreak kills often do not reward players with potions on the potion-dropping thresholds.
  • Fixed – Skill points and experience meter may stop working after a certain level cap is reached.
  • Fixed – Skeletons summoned by the Ferocious enemy may persist after his death.
  • Fixed – A soft lock occurs if one Player dies at the same time as the last enemy in a quest with a cutscene during Local Coop.
  • Fixed – Evade and Gemstone tutorial prompts can be triggered again by going backward in the tutorial level.
  • Fixed – Control scheme is displayed in English in all languages.
  • Fixed – It is possible to exploit teleport to the last room in Local Coop.
  • Fixed – Items from Gambler land in one spot making it difficult to pick up/choose from.
  • Fixed – The Player can still use the Shadow Cloak skill while the cooldown timer is active after entering the next floor.
  • Fixed – Joey’s Swing animation frames may persist on screen if interrupted by a cutscene.
  • Fixed – The camera can cause problems to exit an Event room with a door on the south in Local Coop.
  • Fixed – Lack of translation in one line in the narration for the Hoarder ability in several languages.
  • Fixed – A typo in the codex for Mary’s entry.
  • Fixed – English text while playing in Spanish in the Document section in the Codex.
  • Nintendo Switch: Fixed Tooltip only shows the description of the 3 first divine graces.

New Enemies:

  • Dark Blade (Upgraded version of Dark Claw which will appear from Ziggurat and will replace all Dark Claws in Terralava).
  • Mech Constructor (Terralava enemy which will spawn Anarchy Spiders and buff mechanical enemies around himself).

New items:
20 new items added to the game (we have only 18 listed in the trailer – but we’ve actually managed to add two more!)

  • Riders on the Storm – Inflict lightning damage when combo kill counter reaches high levels.
  • Bargain – Lower prices.
  • Adrenaline Rush – Reduce the cooldown of all abilities and items.
  • Sacrificial Pact – Turn a portion of your health into a Health Potion charm.
  • Divine Performer – High combo kill counters rewards more money.
  • Gemstone Hungry – The damage of your primary attack increases with the number of gemstones you possess.
  • Gemstone Pact – Every 25 combo kills grants you a gemstone.
  • Survival Instinct – Increased movement speed when below 25% health.
  • Field Expert – Environmental hazards deal less damage.
  • Enchanted Globes – Health globes heal more.
  • Mortal Morta Mortars – Three boulders fall from the sky, damaging enemies on impact.
  • Lightning Enchantment – Primary attacks have a chance to inflict lightning damage.
  • Soothing Obelisks – Activating obelisks will also heal you.
  • Fatal Blow – Primary attacks have a small chance to instantly kill the target.
  • Ferocious Bolts – Electric bolts randomly emanate from you.
  • Rune Slot Machine – Rerolls Runes.
  • Dual Rune Summon – Summon two random Runes.
  • Paralysis Bomb – Stun all nearby enemies.
  • Divine Rage – Decreased rage drain.
  • Electric Discharge – Shoot bolts in random direction.

Hard Mode:

  • Enemies Damage increased by 15%
  • Enemies Health increased by 30%
  • Enemies XP reward increased by 25%

UI changes:

  • You can now select larger UI on different platforms
  • Larger HUD.
  • Larger UI (menus for the most part).
  • Moved objectives from tooltips to Pause Menu.
  • Added the ability to delete notifications:
  • Fatigue notifications will not be saved. So the next time the game’s launched they won’t be in the menu.
  • New fade/scale animation added for some UI.
  • Slight tweaks to notification for Rage being ready to use.

Other changes:

  • Added the ability to cure Fatigue with Mysterious Egg (drop from Belagoo Bird event).


  • Fixed PC builds stutters.
  • Fixed tutorial and forest graphical artifacts.
  • Nintendo Switch: Fixed Performance degradation, the audio completely corrupting and crashing
    upon putting console to sleep with the game being on.
  • Nintendo Switch: Fixed Audio corruption during first shopkeeper challenge room with multiple
    slimes in Local Coop.
  • Nintendo Switch: Fixed lots of memory leak issues.
  • Nintendo Switch: Fixed forest level long load time issue.
  • PlayStation 4: Fixed Random crashes.
  • PlayStation 4: Fixed Game significantly stutters right before something triggers in gameplay.
  • PlayStation 4: Fixed Significant FPS drop at the start of a boss fight.

Tweaks for the Normal Mode:

  • Wind: Enemy health nerfed by 10%
  • Magma: Enemy health nerfed by 10%
  • More Enemies in Wind now get canceled when you are using melee characters.

If it sounds like a lot, it’s because it is. Hopefully the hard-working Dead Mage team will be rewarded with an influx of new purchasers (and if you are interested in the game, you can get the PC version of Children of Morta for 30% off on GOG, Steam and the Humble Store). Aside from this rather meaty update, there’s seven more content drops planned for the game, including online co-op (players can currently use Steam Remote Play Together to play co-op over the net, but it’s not the same).

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