Compound Fracture Is an Indie First Person Dino Crisis

Developers Austin Schaeffer, Cyrus Byrd and Pete Goodfellow revealed today that they are working on Compound Fracture, a first person survival horror title that makes me scream “Dino Crisis!”

According to the game’s Steam store page, it’s “coming soon” so there’s some hope of being able to play it this year (and if it isn’t fully done, it could be part of one of the now frequent Steam demo festivals). If you want the closest thing to a new Dino Crisis, then I’d urge you to wishlist Compound Fracture, because these folks are doing an amazing job if the trailer I’ve embedded below is anything to go by.

ChronoGas is a global supplier of oil and petroleum products to hundreds of enterprise customers around the world. Pursuant to federal law, they have been scheduled for an unannounced safety inspection.

Compound Fracture is an action survival horror game. Fast reflexes are required to neutralize prehistoric threats waiting around every corner. Set aside your fear, gather your supplies, and get to work.


  • A refined art style designed after the limitations of early console games.
  • A linear FPS set in the oppressive interiors and overgrown ruins of a prehistoric compound.
  • Distinct enemy types, posing distinct threats.
  • Adapt to the situation with a variety of weapons and upgrades.
  • Disparate areas, each offering unique new challenges.
  • A deliberate soundtrack made to fit the game.

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