Conan Exiles Getting Free Frozen North Expansion

Funcom announced today that Conan Exiles players will be able to enjoy a huge free update titled The Frozen North on August 16th, adding an icy landmass and new gameplay mechanics.

The Frozen North will feature a host of new gameplay elements, and players will be able to traverse a landmass that makes the world of Conan Exiles 70% bigger. The snowy climate will force us to wear appropriate clothing lest we freeze to death, and if that wasn’t enough, we’ll also have to keep an eye out for new ways of earning our keep, such as fishing, beekeeping and cooking. Of course that this wouldn’t be Conan without some excesses, so we’ll also be able to learn how to brew alcohol (which can be used to keep us warm in the new environments) and a new god (Ymir, Lord of Storm and War) will embrace us if we want to dedicate our lives to war.

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