Conan Exiles Leaving Early Access in May 2018

Funcom announced this week that Conan Exiles will exit Early Access on May 8th, 2018. The company also revealed that a PlayStation 4 version of the game is in the works, due for release on the same date.

Survival fans who wish to take a peek at some of the new content that will be part of the the 1.0 launch (including an entirely new biome and a new combat system) should head over the the video I’ve embedded below.

PC gamers who have been following this game may be happy to learn that it will launch at US$39.99 on their platform of choice, US$10 less than the console versions which will retail for US$49.99. As a reward to all Early Access players, a new item will be added to their inventories on May 8th, Conan’s Royal Armor (digital preorders for the PlayStation 4 version will also include this exclusive item, as the game won’t have an Early Access/Game Preview period on that platform)

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