Crowdfunded Adventure Tokyo Dark Gets September 7 Release Date

Square Enix Collective announced today that Tokyo Dark, a successfully crowdfunded anime inspired side-scrolling adventure, will be released on September 7, 2017.

Developed by Cherrymochi, a Japan-based independent team, Tokyo Dark raised more than US$ 177,000 on Kickstarter (far more than the studio’s modest US$ 31,537 goal) and it features multiple branches and endings. The game’s creators have tapped into the urban legends that surround real world Tokyo to add more weight to the adventure title’s tale of of mystery.

We will play as Detective Ayami Itō, scouring the streets of Tokyo for helpful data regarding the disappearance of her partner. Collecting clues, following leads and making important decisions will be our main gameplay tools as we advance through the game’s environments, and we can never guess where a specific path will take us once we take it.

Itō’s story is an intentionally conflicting oneIn Tokyo Dark, we want the player to be constantly questioning whether they’re one step away from solving the puzzle, or one step away from madness. Are they slowly unearthing the city’s dark living shadows, hidden from view, or are they imagining it all?

Maho Williams, Producer at Cherrymochi

Puzzles may be solved in multiple different ways, and Itō’s story will be affected by her dialogue choices and interactions with key characters.

Tokyo Dark goes beyond what most animated adventures attempt, with Itō’s very sanity called into question as she delves deeper into the city’s story. I think there’s a real appetite for new ideas in horror games, and Cherrymochi is certainly telling a dark tale, but in a fresh and absorbing way. We’re really proud that the team chose us as a publishing partner, and we know already that there’s a keen anticipation from gamers across the world to uncover the game’s layered mysteries…

Phil Elliott, Director of Community & Indie Development at Square Enix London


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