Cyberpunk Immersive Sim Peripeteia Getting Demo This Week

Developers Ninth Exodus revealed today that their cyberpunk immersive sim Peripeteia will get a playable demo on November 29th.

As you can see in the trailer I’ve embedded below, the game looks amazing and it might very well be the closest thing to Deus Ex we’ll get in a while, so I’m one hundred percent pumped for the demo.

Peripeteia is an upcoming first-person game mixing shooter, stealth and RPG mechanics, placing it within the elusive and ephemeral “immersive sim” genre, heavily inspired by the greats such as Deus Ex, expanding upon the formula with original ideas and an unexplored setting.

The story takes place in an alternate history cyberpunk Poland, in a post-soviet city full of corruption and opportunity, where nations, powerful factions and ideologies clash and where cybernetic supersoldiers look for mercenary work. You play as one of them, a young woman named Marie.

Within Peripeteia can be seen the dream of the immersive simulator genre, long laid to rest by an industry which had forgotten it. In this game you will be forced to use your wits, resourcefulness, and raw violent nature to complete tasks you may not even understand. Logic and a shrewd cunning mind will win you the day in this interactive and highly adaptive world. Well, unless you have a pistol and ammo for it.

Have you found yourself hungering for the raw sense of survival, accomplishment, and player choice long absent from this dark and belied industry? Then consider joining us in the lights of the Eastern Night with Peripeteia.

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