Damnview: Built From Nothing Dissecting Our Culture in 2019

Games are too political nowadays! No, games need to take a stand and talk about politics more, not less! Two cries that look like opposites end up being the same, only that the people who rally behind each one have very different ideas on what the word “political” means. Well, when it comes to Brainwash Gang‘s just announced simulation sandbox Damnview: Built From Nothing, it seems that one of these sides will get really angry once the game comes out next year, and the other might just get as angry, depending on the way the game tackles the tricky aspects of our society.

You see, according to the beautiful trailer we shared above, Damnview will explore Western society’s culture and class struggles, and that will certainly raise a fuss with certain crowds. The player will take over the life of different characters trying to “make it” in a modern city, where everything is out to get you. Want to survive? According to the development team you will have to test the limits of your resolve as capitalism gets you down every time you try to get up.

Damnview: Built From Nothing will be out some time in 2019.

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