DARQ Developer Will Donate Profits to Charity If the EGS Accepts His Game Non-Exclusively

Unfold Games, creator of the indie hit DARQ, pledged today that if Tim Sweeney accepts to sell their game on the Epic Games Store non-exclusively, they will donate 100% of the profits from EGS sales to charity.

This unusual pledge was made after Tim Sweeney congratulated the developer via Twitter, saying that Epic expected the game to succeed, and that’s why they wanted to secure it as an exclusive (for further context on how that went, read the developer’s thoughts on exclusivity and keeping one’s word here). Mr Sweeney has not yet responded to Unfold Games‘ pledge, though we hope he’ll accept the game on his store, since there’s nothing for him to lose and everything to gain for the charity picked by the gaming community if this pans out.

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