Dauntless Open Beta Delayed to 2018

Phoenix Labs recently revealed that Dauntless‘ open beta will be delayed to 2018 in order to improve the experience. PC gamers who wish to get a taste of the action before next year can still purchase a Founder’s Pack, with prices starting at US$ 39.99 for the base Slayer package.

We have been thrilled with the exceptional reception for the Dauntless Closed Beta. We’ve met thousands upon thousands of new Slayers and gathered a wealth of knowledge. The scale and quality of our community has exceeded our expectations. The feedback that we have received has been awesome in both quality and volume — and its magnitude has presented us with an opportunity.

At Phoenix Labs we believe in a ‘When It’s Ready’ philosophy. We want to honour and incorporate the feedback we have received and make Dauntless the best experience that it can be. To achieve this, the Dauntless Open Beta will be coming in early 2018.

Those waiting to join us in the Open Beta can look forward to more polish and more content. For players who are already in the Closed Beta, this means that you can look forward to more improvements and seeing your feedback make a tangible impact on the game that you are playing.

The developers have also shared a roadmap, showcasing future improvements for the cooperative monster hunting game.


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