Days of War Coming to Early Access in January 2017

Driven Arts announced today that their fast paced World War 2 shooter Days of War will get a Steam Early Access release in January 2017. The title will launch for US$ 24.99 and the first Early Access release will include 2 factions, 4 maps, and 32 player infantry combat. The company has stated that they intend to add more free content as the game’s development advances, with more maps and the British and Russian factions coming before the game exits Early Access.


  • Frenetic Action. High damage, high recoil, and short respawn times keep it fast paced with high consequence.
  • All Weapons Unlocked. Carry a bolt action rifle, SMG, shotgun or deployable MG, right away, no leveling or grinding required to play.
  • Immersive WW2 Battles. We’ve used the latest technology including photogrammetry, laser scanning, and the power of UE4 to bring you a truly next gen WW2 shooter.
  • Objective Based Game Modes. It’s not just about the best K/D ratio, its about pushing the line, securing the objective, or destroying the target.
  • Full Server Control. Dedicated servers with full in-game administration abilities, tune the experience for you and your clan.

The full release version is set to release later in 2017 and it will be priced at US$39.99.

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