Dead Cells Getting Free Rise of the Giant DLC on March 28

If you thought you were done with Dead Cells after beating its hard as nails campaign, think again, because the great people working at Motion Twin have decided that it’s time for some meaty free DLC. Yes, you read that right, Dead Cells is getting a free DLC pack titled Rise of the Giant later this month, on March 28th.

If you count yourself among the numbers of the people who’ve beaten the game’s campaign at least once, rejoice because Rise of the Giant will grant you access to the Cavern, a new environment designed with experienced players in mind. New traps? Check. Vicious new enemies? Check.

Normally, that’d be enough for a publisher to start charging for this kind of content update, but it seems the mad scientists who call Motion Twin their home were not content with giving away an entirely new area for free, and they’ve also added more than fifty character outfits and new loot.

So, to recap the news we got from the upcoming Rise of the Giant update, Dead Cells will get ten new enemy types, three new skills, ten new weapons, a new area for players who’ve beaten the game (which includes a new ending, because why not!), and the aforementioned new character outfits.

And the cost to existing players? Zero dollars.


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