Dead Rising remaster coming to Steam this September

Capcom announced today that the first Dead Rising game, which was initially launched as an Xbox 360 exclusive, will see a Steam release on September 13, and will cost US$ 19.99.

Although a Steam release was already confirmed by a Capcom media representative on the NeoGaf forums, it’s nice to have an official release date.

Steam Store link

Key features:

  • Huge Environments – Expansive indoor and outdoor areas of the mall provide a variety of different locations to explore!
  • Swarm Technology – Allows an unprecedented amount of enemies on screen at once resulting in nonstop, pulse-pounding action.
  • Intense Gore and Vibrant Realism.
  • Anything in the mall is at Frank’s disposal
  • Move environmental objects like table umbrellas or mall benches.
  • Snatch items from different stores to use as weapons, including golf clubs, lawnmowers, fry pans and more!
  • Chow down on various “mall food” to recover health.
  • Real Time System – Key story elements happen at certain times whether Frank is on the spot or not. Don’t miss any important events or opportunities!
  • Use Frank’s Photojournalistic Skills – Capture the insanity on film; the better the shot, the better the reward will be!
  • NPC’s – Help players navigate through the zombie-infested mall.
  • Solve the Mystery – Why has the entire town turned into the undead?

Additional Features & Functionalities:

  • Save System – Now supports up to five save slots
  • Controller Support – Native Xbox 360/Xbox One and PlayStation DualShock 4 controller support with matching button icons
  • Resolution Settings – supports 4K and beyond
  • Variable Frame Rate – uncapped frame rate including support for 144Hz monitors with Nvidia G-SYNC technology
  • Customizable & rebindable keyboard and mouse settings
  • Russian localization

Hopefully this trend will continue, a Steam release of God Hand would be most welcome, and the Dino Crisis games are still sadly missing in action, even though they were originally released on PC.

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