Dead Star’s Online Modes Will Shut down in November

Armature Studio announced today that the servers for their multiplayer space shooter Dead Star will shut down on November 1. No specific reasons have been given for this action (which basically signals the end for the game, as its offline component is just a practice mode) but we expect that it’s due to poor sales, as SteamSpy reports that less than 5.000 Steam users purchased the title.

Combining the beauty of space combat and RPG elements, Dead Star excites with online multiplayer space shooting action. Earn loot and levels as you fight in procedurally generated battlefields to further customize your experience – including a massive warship used to invade live player matches.

Dead Star was offered for free as part of Sony’s PS+ lineup, a move that may have dissuaded players from purchasing it on other platforms. Hopefully Dead Star‘s failure will not have a big impact on Armature Studios‘ future.

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