Destiny 2 Hits Steam in September with F2P Version and New Expansion

Destiny 2 didn’t have a very smooth launch, with players complaining about the lack of endgame content and two poor Year 1 expansions doing little to alleviate this issue. Things turned around with Forsaken, however, and it seems that they will improve even more later this year, as the newly independent Bungie revealed today that the game is coming to Steam on September 17, with a free-to-play base edition that includes the Year 1 content, plus the Forsaken exclusive Gambit PvPvsPvE mode, as well as a new expansion titled Shadowkeep, which retails for US$34.99.

Of course all of this wouldn’t mean a lot if players who are already invested in the game were forced to start their Destiny 2 on Steam adventure from scratch. Thankfully, that won’t be necessary, as Bungie also revealed that Destiny 2 will support cross-save functionality on all the platforms it’s currently available (and yes, that means you will be able to bring your PlayStation 4/Xbox One characters to PC now). This will be handled through some kind of account linking feature that will be detailed further later this summer, according to Bungie.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is up for preorder on Steam.

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