Destiny 2 PC Features Revealed, Won’t Launch on September 8

Activision and Bungie let press members play the PC build of their upcoming shared world shooter Destiny 2 yesterday, and they also talked about the title’s PC specific features.

The sci-fi shooter will not use Valve‘s Steam platform, instead being an exclusive to the Blizzard desktop app, and it seems that PC gamers will have to wait a bit longer than their console brethren before playing, since Activision wasn’t able to provide a firm release date on our platform of choice.

With the bad news (the delay) out of the way, here’s a list of PC specific features that have been confirmed by Bungie:

  • 4k Resolution Support
  • Uncapped framerate
  • Full mouse and keyboard support with custom key mapping
  • Text chat (using the same system as Blizzard‘s games)
  • Adjustable Field of View
  • Detailed PC settings screen
  • 21:9 monitor support

According to Geoff Keighley, the PC delay stems from Bungie‘s commitment to releasing a great PC version.

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