Destiny 2 Preload Now Live on Steam

Bungie has just enabled preloading functionality for Destiny 2 on Steam, a feature that can be accessed by both owners of the upcoming Shadowkeep expansion and free to play customers (or returning players who come from the game’s original launch).

As you can see in the screenshot I shared above, this preload will take up eighty gigs of your hard drive space (though you should account for double that come October 1st, as the game will need to decrypt the files you downloaded ahead of time).

Bungie has also shared an epic launch trailer for Shadowkeep, which you can enjoy right here, as I’ve embedded it below.

As the heroes of the last safe city turn their attention to the far-reaching frontiers of our galaxy, new Nightmares have emerged from an ancient evil that once slumbered beneath the Lunar surface.

Return to the Moon. Journey deep into a mysterious Hive Keep. Work with Eris to slay the Nightmares before they cast humanity into an age of darkness for good.

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