Destiny 2’s Next Season Gives Ikora Something to Do

Bungie have finally taken the wraps off Destiny 2‘s Season of the Splicer, and everyone’s favorite jobless Warlock will finally have something to do again. Apparently, Ikora (who had been sidelined since Shadowkeep dropped in 2019) will lead humanity’s fight against the Vex, who have plunged The Last City into darkness with one of their dastardly simulations. This Season will run from May 11th to August 24th, so there’s still some time to finish up any remaining Season of the Chosen activities.

Interestingly, after last season’s armistice with the Cabal, the Vanguard will be on friendly terms with an Eliksni faction, something that might tease a future three-way alliance against a bigger threat. Other than that, this Season has some nice changes, including a six players matchmade activity, a weekly Pinnacle mission, a new Stasis sidearm, the new armor customization system, and the return of the beloved Vault of Glass raid, among other stuff.

Here’s what you can do from this Season, direct from Bungie‘s reveal page:

We also have a nice calendar so you can track when each activity will be unlocked:

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