Devolver Digital Unveils Cyberpunk Thriller The Red Strings Club

Devolver Digital and Deconstructeam (Gods Will Be Watching) announced this week that they are working on The Red Strings Club, a new cyberpunk adventure set in a seemingly idyllic future.

A super-corporation is about to release Social Psyche Welfare, a system that should make depression, anger and fear things of the past with no negative side effects. Of course, not everyone believes everything they are told, so the bartender of an underground club and a freelance hacker will join forces to unmask the corporation’s ulterior motives. Along the way, drinks will be mixed, people’s decisions will be influenced, and genetic implant pottery will be crafted (don’t ask me what that means, please).

Any game that allows me to mix drinks and influence people’s already poor decisions and then sit down at a lathe to make genetic implant pottery has got to be good. Topless androids are a pretty big win too.

Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker

The Red Strings Club should be out in January 2018.

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