Devolver Digital Unveils Puzzle-Exploration Game Pikuniku, Coming to PC and Switch in 2018

Devolver Digital announced today that they will publish Sectordub‘s upcoming puzzle-exploration game Pikuniku on PC and Nintendo Switch. The renowned publisher has also shared a new trailer, and a 2018 release window.

Gamers will explore a strange and playful world that hides a dark secret. Our protagonist, Piku, is an armless outsider who wishes to help the townsfolk face their fears, and along the way will end up uncovering a deep state conspiracy.

We’ll be able to explore a colorful world at our own leisure, helping quirky characters and solving clever puzzles which don’t require the use of violence.

Aside from the singleplayer content, we’ll also be able to complete a series of custom two-player levels in a local co-op mode, playing alonside our friend Niku.

During the course of early development it became clear that if we wanted to add in all the gore and violence that gamers crave it would cost a lot more money. And Iā€™m not about to pay for more than I have to so get ready for vibrant colours and cute, invincible characters.

Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker

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