Diluvion Gets Free Resubmerged Update, Sale

This one slipped through our sonar network as if it was a submarine commanded by Sean Connery himself but hopefully you’ll be able to take advantage of the discount before it ends the day after tomorrow.

Arachnid Games have just released a major update for last year’s deep sea submarine exploration and action game Diluvion, and in order to celebrate, they’ve gone all out and put their baby on sale for 75% off. While the base game isn’t currently part of the promotion, I think that most people will agree with me that getting the Fleet Edition (which adds a new playable submarine, a digital art book and a copy of the game’s OST) for just US$6.24 is a great deal.

Diluvion: Resubmerged introduces brand new features which add more strategic depth to looting, managing your unique crew, and upgrading your different submarines to fit your needs and playstyles. Salvaging is more dynamic than ever with hazard battles that require your crew’s abilities and items to overcome, and a new forging system offers greater customization of your vessel with upgrades for armor, depth range, life support and more. The update also includes enhanced visuals, new graphics settings, a complete UI overhaul with improved quest tracking and waypoints, the ability to save anywhere, and revamped landmark, navigation and pathfinding systems. Finally, new side quests, artwork and music have been added to enhance the journey.

Set far below the surface of a frozen world devastated by a flood, Diluvion: Resubmerged puts you in command of your very own submarine on a Jules Verne-inspired adventure. As a freelance captain, you’ll assemble a crew, salvage derelict vessels, trade loot for resources at safe harbors, build your own home base and fleet, and battle rogue subs in real-time 3D combat. Explore the ocean’s farthest reaches, discover the humanity’s last remnants and beware the unknown terrors of the deep on your hunt for riches and glory.

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