DOOM Eternal’s Official Horde Mode Is Now Live

DOOM Eternal just got a lot bigger, as the Update 6.66 was released today, adding an official Horde Mode, two new Master Levels, and Battlemode 2.0.

Players familiar with the DOOM Eternal modding community will probably recall an unofficial Horde Mode modification that was released last year, adding an incredibly addictive combat challenge to the game for free. id Software chose to replace the canned Invasion mechanic with their own take on the Horde Mode (and as far as I’m aware, fans were a lot more interested in this than they were in a Souls-style PvP mode). The Horde Mode is available for DOOM Eternal players who own any of the different editions, so even if you only purchased the standalone version of The Ancient Gods (Part One or Two) you’ll still be able to play this new mode for free.

Horde Mode

Compete for the highest score by battling wave after wave of demons across three Missions from DOOM Eternal and The Ancient Gods – Parts One and Two in this challenging new single player game mode. You’ll need to keep your wits about you and your skill sharp. Like a classic arcade game, there aren’t any checkpoints, you start with just 3 extra lives – but there are more to earn as you progress. You begin with only a fully mastered Combat Shotgun, unlocking a new weapon at random as you complete each Arena Round. Earn new Milestones and unlock loads of cool new customization items as you progress!


Each Horde Mode Mission consists of the following Rounds:

  • Arena Round – Arena combat encounter with waves and waves of demons
  • Blitz Round – Kill as many demons as you can before time runs out
  • Bonus Coin Round (optional) – Collect as many coins as you can before time runs out
  • Traversal Round – Navigate a traversal puzzle and collect as many coins as you can before time runs out
  • Bonus Blitz Round (optional) – A Blitz round but with Super Heavy demons and Onslaught (damage multiplier) power-ups!


Your score is tallied at the end of each Round. You are awarded additional points for any remaining Extra Lives and BFG Ammo

  • Every demon you kill that isn’t a Zombie, a Spirit or summoned by an Archvile gives you points
  • Bigger demons are worth points more than smaller ones
  • Bounty demons are worth more than standard ones but decrease in value over time
  • Earn more points by completing Mission Challenges (completing all of them rewards bonus points)
  • Picking up coins in Traversal and Bonus Coin Rounds reward points (Gold > Silver > Bronze)


You begin Horde Mode with:

  • 3 Extra Lives
  • A fully mastered Combat Shotgun
  • The Chainsaw, all Equipment and Dash
  • All Perks, Runes and Sentinel Crystal Upgrades
  • Another fully mastered gun is awarded at random on completion of each Arena Round
  • Special weapons are given at the start of certain Arena Rounds*
  • Completing Milestones unlocks new customization items
  • Additional Extra Lives are awarded by completing Blitz Rounds, Bonus Coin Rounds, Bonus Blitz Rounds, Combat Arena Rounds 1 and 2 in The Holt and by killing the required number of demons in Blitz and Bonus Blitz Rounds. They can also be acquired in level during any Traversal Round

*The Sentinel Hammer in The Holt Horde Mode Level requires 4 charges (2 more than in The Ancient Gods – Part Two)


  • There is a different Leaderboard for each Difficulty
  • Your score gets uploaded to the Leaderboard at the end of each run
  • Your rating is based on your score
  • The top 10 players on the Leaderboard get Slayer Medals

New Master Levels

Update 6.66 includes two new Master Levels, Mars Core and The World Spear (requires ownership of The Ancient Gods Part Two). Complete the corresponding campaign level to unlock each one. Access your unlocked Master Levels from the Fortress of DOOM or the Mission Select menu


Update 6.66 brings the biggest and most important update to the game mode so far. Now, more than ever skill matters in BATTLEMODE. The more you win, the better the players you face off against will be. Complete BATTLEMODE 2.0 Series Challenges to increase your Rank, unlock new rewards and attain a higher Leaderboard position

Hot Streaks

Hot Streaks are key to the more competitive BATTLEMODE 2.0 design

The new Streak Tracker on the top of the Player Card tracks wins and losses played in Public Matches, activating after the first win as a Slayer or a Demon. When the Streak Tracker is active, additional wins are tracked as checkmarks and losses as X’s

  • A Hot Streak card is awarded when a player wins four games before losing two
  • The Streak Tracker resets after losing two matches before a Hot Streak card is awarded
  • The number of Hot Streak cards you have determines your Rank and Leaderboard position

Additional details:

  • Playing as the Slayer and as a Demon each has their own respective Streak Tracker
  • Exiting a Public match prematurely will count as a loss
  • The Streak Tracker does not record wins and losses from Private Matches
  • Rewards from the series page and the requirements to unlock them are different for Slayers and Demons

Streak-Based Matchmaking

With the release of Update 6.66, all Public Lobbies use Streak-based matchmaking. Streak-based matchmaking aims to match you against other players with the same number of Streak wins, broadening the match criteria over time if unmet. Players can join Public Lobbies as a Slayer, a solo Demon or as a Demon team

Additional details:

  • Players return to the BATTLEMODE 2.0 root menu at the end of every Public Match
  • Players are no longer able to play consecutive matches in Public Lobbies – the Shuffle and Replay post-match options have been removed
  • Players on the same team cannot choose to play as the same Demon
  • When two Demon players in a party quick play, the player with more wins is used for matchmaking
  • 3-player parties cannot join Public Lobbies

Series Challenges and Rank

Update 6.66 adds new Dossier pages that exclusively track your progress toward completing BATTLEMODE 2.0 Series Challenges while playing as the Slayer or as a Demon. Completing Slayer Challenges increases your Slayer Rank. Completing Demon challenges increases your Demon Rank. You are awarded a new Customization item or XP every time you attain a new Rank. Series Challenges and Rank reset with each Series changeover


BATTLEMODE 2.0 adds Slayer and Demon-based Leaderboards for each supported platform. Leaderboard position is determined by Rank attained and number of Hot Streaks completed in the current Series. Leaderboards are reset with each Series changeover

New Playable BATTLEMODE 2.0 Content

In addition to BATTLEMODE 2.0, Update 6.66 adds the brand-new playable Demon, the Dread Knight and new BATTLEMODE arena, Stronghold!


The Dread Knight is well-suited for Demon players who have an all-or-nothing play style. With double-jump and an array of attacks, the Dread Knight is a nimble demon with and potent offensive capabilities, but the attacks require cooldowns that can leave you exposed in between use:

Primary Attack: ENERGY WAVE

The Energy Wave is a Destroyer Blade-style energy projectile that yields moderate damage with a moderate rate of fire.


  • Activating Berserk temporarily replaces Energy Wave with a high-damage melee attack with heavy lurch
  • While in use, Berserk increases movement speed and reduces damage taken by up to 60%
  • Every use of Berserk requires a long cool down period


  • Ground Slam is an AOE attack that allows the Dread Knight to leap to a selected location within the permitted range to deal explosive damage to the area upon impact
  • Every use of Ground Slam requires a cool down period


Quantum Orb is a projectile attack dealing moderate damage which the Dread Knight can redirect in flight by activating its teleport ability

Every use of the Quantum Orb requires a cooldown period, which is shorter if the teleport ability is not activated

Mid-Round Upgrades

  • FEROCITY: Your Energy Wave projectile reduces Berserk’s cooldown every time it hits the Slayer
  • ENSHROUD: Ground Slam not longer deals damage but instead creates a smoke cloud that grants temporary invisibility


What better way to celebrate all that is new and exciting about BATTLEMODE 2.0 in Update 6.66 than the new Immora-inspired map, Stronghold

BATTLEMODE’s new arena: Stronghold is at the center of Hell. Acting as both a defensive position and a processing facility that helps fuel the Dark Lord’s warmachine, the environment lends itself to players who can keep moving between the different layers arena. Demon players and Slayer alike will fight over the valuable cover that the Fuel Overflow area provides. Players who master traversing between the bottom and top platforms will excel in our most competitive BATTLEMODE map to date.

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