DOOM’s Free Update 4 Adds Arcade Mode, More Goodies

Bethesda has just released a new free update for id Software‘s excellent DOOM. Solo players will be happy to learn that this patch adds an Arcade mode which transforms the campaign into a score chasing experience with online leaderboards. The update weighs a hefty 11.6 GB on PC, and also adds new competitive multiplayer modes and support for Classic DOOM modules in SnapMap.

We’re unleashing more DOOM content with Free Update 4, available now! This update includes the much-anticipated Arcade Mode, which transforms DOOM’s critically-acclaimed campaign into a competitive fast-paced, score-based challenge.

Play every level with all guns, Runes and equipment upgrades fully unlocked. Customize your DOOM Marine’s gear, guns and Praetor suit before each run to see what combinations will give you an edge. Compete against friends and players worldwide for the highest score by attacking demons quickly, avoiding their attacks and grabbing multipliers along the way.

For those long-time fans, Free Update 4 also brings Classic DOOM modules to SnapMap. You’ll now be able to play and build new maps using assets based on the original games.

This update also adds two new multiplayer modes to DOOM. Possession mixes things up, adding a Prowlers vs. Marine mode that puts a team of marines up against several player-controlled Prowler demons. The second new mode is Bloodrush, which adds a twist to free-for-all modes by forcing players to manage their Bloodrush meter in order to respawn.

Gamers interested in checking out id Software‘s latest masterpiece can take advantage of a 50% off sale which lasts until October 25th.

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