Dragon Ball FighterZ Gets January 2018 Release Date

Bandai Namco Entertainment has just revealed that Dragon Ball FighterZ will be released on January 26, 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The highly anticipated fighting game will include a fully fledged Story Mode, allowing players to experience three different perspectives (Saiyans on the Super Warriors Arc, enemies on the Super Villain Arc, and Androids on the Android Arc), each offering different details and revealing secrets about the story. Strategy-minded gamers will be happy to learn that the story mode map will let us deploy tactical moves as we prepare to depart for a new destination, and a level-up system is also included.

Competitive fans haven’t been left behind either, with interconnected matchmaking online modes taking the spotlight today. Circle Match mode will let up to eight combatants join a room to fight against each other, with up to four battles happening simultaneously. Those who wish to add ranks to the fold will have their wish granted with World Match mode (which also includes casual matches).

A “FighterZ Pass” has also been revealed, adding eight additional characters with their respective stamp, set of alternative colors and Lobby Avatars. Gamers who wish to purchase this Pass together with their copy of Dragon Ball FighterZ can pick up the Dragon Ball FighterZ – FighterZ Edition (contains the full game plus the FighterZ Pass) or the Ultimate Edition, which includes all the above, plus additional content such as the commentator Voice Pack and an Anime Music Pack.

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