Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Gets First Batch of DLC Today

The first DLC pack for the excellent Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 will be released today at 17.00 CET. Gamers who don’t own the title’s Season Pass may have to wait another hour before being able to purchase the content separately.

This first DLC pack, titled DB Super Pack 1 and available as part of the Season Pass or purchasable individually, will contain two new characters from the ongoing Dragon Ball Super anime (Cabbe and Frost) and an assortment of new parallel quests, costumes, attacks and even more content.

Continuing with their long term support plan for the acclaimed fighting title, Bandai Namco Entertainment announced that along with this first DLC pack, free updates will also be available for every player and will offer new skills, new costumes and new attacks. On top of that, players will have to defeat Frieza in Conton City in the Frieza Siege Event to win special items and titles.

Last but not least, players will be offered the “Masters Pack” (containing 5 new teachers and up to 20 additional attacks to learn from them) This update will be available automatically on December 20th on STEAM.

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